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  • Is Your Business Protected? More Importantly, Are You Protected?
  • Straightforward, Effective, Compliant Results. Giving you peace of mind.

Employment law can be complex and time-consuming to come to grips with, taking you away from your real focus – successfully running your business!

We can help you!

We are your local, Melbourne-based HR specialist that can help you. It doesn’t need to be complicated.

  • Are your employment contracts meeting both business and legislative requirements ?
  • Do you have the necessary employment policy and procedure in place ?
  • Who is your trusted advisor for dealing with challenging employee issues ?
  • Do your employees understand their responsibilities ?
  • Is your Intellectual Property and Client base protected ?
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Who we are

Jodie Fowler is the principal of JLF Business HR.

With over 25 years’ experience, Jodie has a vast background and depth of knowledge across a broad range of HR disciplines.

As a senior manager, Jodie has both worked in, and consulted to, numerous companies of various sizes from small to large corporates, across a wide range of industry sectors. She builds strong relationships and is well regarded for the successful implementation of HR strategies and systems.

Jodie has a straightforward and practical approach, providing you with the confidence that your HR system is aligned to the needs of your business.

What We Do

Every business is different, so we take time to understand yours.

For a fixed price, we will provide tailored HR to suit your unique business requirements.

  • Review your current employee practices and documentation
  • Provide appropriate Employment Contracts
  • Supply Policy and Procedures to suit your business
  • Provide relevant employee documents including Position Descriptions, Induction Checklists, Application/Information forms and Performance Plans
  • Review Salary/Wages
  • Provide HR advice and support

There are many benefits for you when you sign up with JLF HR.

  • Compliance with employment legislation including Fair Work and Awards
  • Employment documents made for your business
  • Expert advice saves you time and money, and gives you peace of mind
  • Know your obligations to your employees
  • Clarify your employees’ obligations to your business including protecting your business knowledge/intellectual property and your customers
  • Trusted and reliable reference for all your employment questions.

The JLF team provides ongoing peace of mind for all unexpected HR Issues!

  • Unlimited access to our HR support team – outside of your organisation skill set
  • Advice & Development for Performance Systems, Internal Frameworks and team efficiency processes
  • Training and Coaching advice to increase team and organisation capabilities
  • Ongoing HR development and strategy
  • Dismissal management and documentation

Our service is available on a subscription basis, with the fee corresponding with the level and volume of work you require.

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What Our Clients Say

  • Tracie Thompson, Linus Information Security Solutions
    “Jodie was easy to work with and provided everything we needed to make sure we were dealing with our employees in the correct way, which removed this worry from my plate”
  • Brett Walker, MD, Davies Automotive Equipment
    “Jodie’s knowledge, professional demeanour and down to earth approach has ensured an easy introduction and implementation of our HR system. When HR issues arise, Jodie is the person you will want in your corner”
  • Trish Hegarty, Business Manager, HDD Pty Ltd
    “JLF Business HR recently helped me with some staffing issues. They were quick to respond to my enquiry, provided accurate information and great support. All in all the matter was sorted within 24 hours of the incident occurring, and we were back on the road to resuming business as usual.”
  • Victoria Chakkour, Director – Victorian Cosmetic Dermal Clinics
    “Working closely with Jodie to form our contracts, HR handbooks and policies has been a tremendous benefit to our company, particularly with ever-changing and evolving employment legislation and our continually growing team of staff. Her no-nonsense approach and experience allows us to make fair and confident business decisions, but more importantly protect us from potential risks”.

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